Mobile Safaris

The best of both worlds...

Enjoy the luxury of visiting our fixed camps coupled with the excitement and flexibility offered by a fully-serviced mobile safari.

See it all

Our mobile safaris cover seven prime wildlife areas within Botswana – the Xaxanaka and Khwai regions of the Moremi Game Reserve, the Savuti, Chobe National Park, including the riverfront areas, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and Nxai Pan.

Each region will allow the traveler to uncover the myriad and wondrous regional differences in the country.

The Adventure

The hardships of yesteryear are nowhere to be found on a Footsteps in Africa mobile. A private guide and dedicated game-driving vehicle is at guest's disposal to show the best of each area, while the crew sets up individual camps. After two or three nights in one location, guests mount up again and meander to the next, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of Africa. Once again the new campsite is arranged so that everything is waiting, virtually as it had been left, making each destination feel like the perfect home.

A day in the life...

A symphonic awakening will inspire each morning. After tea and coffee around the fire, guests will explore the morning's unique curiosities and wild encounters on their game drive. A late brunch and a siesta will allow for a relaxed mid-day refresh. Afternoon tea will be offered before the evening drive. Dinner and the day's reminiscences will be shared under a canopy of stars. Then finally and gratefully to a bed in a comfortable, spacious tent, fully equipped with en-suite bathroom containing a bush-loo and bucket shower.

An elephant passing through the Khwai bush as a storm breaks in the distance
Mobile Camp
Impala Family


Our mobile safaris cover seven prime wildlife areas within Botswana – the Xaxanaka and Khwai regions of the Moremi Game Reserve, the Savuti, Chobe National Park, including the riverfront areas, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and Nxai Pan.

The Focus

Self-sufficient and self-contained, travelling as and when desired, flexible and opportunistic, a mobile safari focuses on enjoying what it is that delights as the days unfold.


Most mobile safaris depart from Maun or Kasane in the early mornings. Therefore, if guests are starting their itinerary with a mobile safari, it is recommended that they stay in town the night before. For those guests who are staying at one of the camps in our collection, air transfers to the starting point of their mobile safari can be arranged with Delta Air.


Our mobile safaris destinations are chosen for each individual safari and we go the distance to find the best campsite in the desired region. Each campsite is different, but they are situated in gorgeous areas throughout Botswana.


Accommodation is in 3m x 3m dome style tents, fully equipped with twin beds, linen, side tables, lamps and en suite facilities consisting of a bucket shower and long drop 'loo. Family tents that are comprised of two rooms are available.


Driving safari is the primary activity. Each day guests will set out in search of nearby wonders. A professional guide accompanies each mobile to help attune guest's experience to the place while offering in-depth knowledge. Guests can participate by discussing their personal interests and passions with their guide. Every effort will be made to fulfill guest wishes. Further activities include mokoro activities in Moremi and boat cruises in Chobe, but at an additional charge. Please speak with the team for further information.

Children and Families

Children are welcome from the age of seven.


Our mobiles visit some of the most sought after wildlife areas in the world. The flora and fauna that guests will encounter varies enormously from mobile to mobile. As a result of each itinerary being tailor-made, guests can choose to visit certain regions where they are most likely to see wildlife that is of interest to them. Complimentary regions can be chosen based on where guests have visited before or are planning to visit.

Generally speaking, however, game of all sorts are abundant. It is possible that guests will see: lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, hippopotamus, crocodile, giraffe, antelope including the rare lechwe, tsessesbe and sitatunga, otters, honey-badgers, hyena, wild dog, the shy pangolin, the nearly extinct rhino and a variety of the smaller wild cats such as civets, servals and genets.

There are also reptiles – many species of snakes (most of them harmless), as well as several species of tortoise, terrapin, lizard, skinks, chameleon and gecko – not forgetting of course the Nile crocodile.

Then of course there are the birds, well over 450 species, that bring the deserts, forests, rivers and flood-plains of the country alive. Many rare and endangered species call Botswana home, and birders come from all around the world in search of them.

Considering the Wild

A mobile safari borrows from the bush. Each spot is your own, but shared in the sense that someone else may be there in the coming week. This means that the utmost care must be taken to clean the site, bury the ashes, and to leave the environment exactly as it would be had it never been touched. This commitment is carefully followed on every mobile safari.

In addition, only roads that are marked and agreed are used. In essence there is no off-roading. This respect for the bush is adhered to in order to allow the eco-system and the animals to flourish and to protect against their suffering the depredations of humans.