what we do

Our Mission

Footsteps in Africa is committed to providing a quality and rewarding, yet affordable, safari experience for our guests, whilst being acutely aware of our impact, and that of our guests, on the environment. Further, we recognise that as a company trading predominantly in Botswana, we have a socio-economic responsibility towards our people and local communities. Lastly, at the core of our values is a deep and abiding appreciation for the wilderness and our responsibility to care for it. We believe that sharing a deep connection with the African bush with those who visit will help us to that end.

Dedicated to The Experience

Whether it be the preeminent service that we provide for our trade partners while helping them create a bespoke safari or the carefully curated collection of camps and lodges that offer authentic activities that deepen people's understanding of the bush, Footsteps in Africa is dedicated to creating the best possible experience from beginning to end.

What Sets Us Apart

Our pronounced focus on small, individually owned camps and lodges means that each property is able to share their stories while distilling their passion for the place through the guest activities and experience. Since our collection brings together distinct camps and lodges that are not part of a corporate entity, the guest experience is truly unique and naturally feels tailor-made. We offer safaris of good value, opening the doors of the wilderness to more people.

Who We Are

Footsteps in Africa is comprised of a small team of dedicated specialists in sales, reservations and marketing. The company has been operating for over 12 years during which time it has come to be known for its excellent service and unique bush experiences. More than half of our team has been with the company since its inception. With a combined experience of many decades, our team is made up of true experts who are always at the ready.

Responsible Tourism

At Footsteps in Africa we understand that our actions have an impact on the delicate ecosystem in Botswana and that tourism affects the earth as a whole. Through the organic process of establishing each property the owners have each found a focus that is unique and impassioned. Whether it is a community project, village support, needed infrastructure, or the protection of wilderness, their efforts are consciously dedicated and authentic. You can read more in the "Considering the Wilds" section of each property.

Why choose Footsteps in Africa?


We represent a collection of camps and lodges that are privately owned and operated and offer thoughtfully crafted experiences in five distinct regions of Botswana.


Footsteps in Africa offer safaris of good value.  


The complimentary collection of camps and lodges is connected by Delta Air, our dedicated air charter company. This allows us to care for your guests throughout their entire visit to Botswana.


We have a philosophy of “one” easy step for everything you need to accomplish. We have one rates manual, one easy to access reservations system that allows you to check availability any time of day or night, and one payment 30 days before travel.


With a team that has decades of experience in many different areas of the safari trade we can offer expert knowledge, regional expertise and personalized service.


Our sales and marketing is centralised under the Footsteps in Africa banner. Detailed sales and marketing collateral is available in digital format and ranges from our Fast Facts and e-brochures to full presentations.


We encourage educational visits as we know that the best way to sell a property is to experience it yourself. Contact us for your visit.


Giving a voice to independent business people.

Footsteps in Africa is a trade-only company and our services are aimed exclusively at tourism professionals. If travellers would like to book Footsteps in Africa camps, lodges and services, we will be delighted to recommend a specialist tour operator to assist in the planning of your Botswana safari.

Footsteps in Africa offer a great product with affordable safaris. Travelers can experience Botswana on a more economic budget in the Kalahari, Okavango Delta & Savuti region of the Chobe NP. We've been working together with Footsteps in Africa for many years and have found the product good value and clients love the experiences that are offered by the company. We recommend them!
Safari Online
Footsteps in Africa are veritable stalwarts of the tourist trade. After enduring the callous and calculated usurping attempt by a sweet talking Casanova with a double-barrelled surname, the company has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix and is now firmly established as the “be all and end all” of Botswana tourism. If Wilderness Safaris’ journeys change lives, Footsteps in Africa’s journeys change continents. The depths of knowledge cannot be plumbed, the quality of the offering emanating from the inner sanctum of the Footsteps in Africa offices unparalleled. The superlatives of the Queen’s English are but poor pithy statements which are unworthy of attributing this company with. Agents would do well to consider the spine-chilling ramifications which could result from ignoring such a compelling product.
Drive Botswana
As a small specialist, Lekkerbly Tours & Safaris (Dutch & Belgian), and her sister company, Utforsk Africa (Norwegian), has over the years often used Footsteps in Africa for fly-in safaris and other special safaris for our FIT clients. Our clients have always returned with praise, not only of the beautiful destination, but also how they were received and treated! Footsteps in Africa is one of our favourite marketing and reservations in Botswana and we hope to keep on sending them our clients for many years to come! Well done Footsteps!!
Lekkerbly Tours & Safaris
Footsteps camps are the ideal place to experience the true wilderness of the Okavango Delta. The focus on walks and mekoro really does make you appreciate the smaller insects and wildlife around that you miss while whizzing around in a vehicle. Your heart does start to race when you come across larger wildlife or when you start tracking big cats, but it is so exciting! I particularly enjoyed my stay at Delta camp, enjoying the views from my open-fronted chalet.
Audley Travel
Working with Footsteps in Africa has been incredible from day 1! The team is super friendly, flexible and yet are never shy to advise me about something I may have overlooked or adding something to an itinerary that is just that perfect extra special something for our clients. The online availability is fantastic so I can still work on the weekend (sadly) or on our Mondays when Africa is not awake as yet. 
Wildlight Safaris
Budget Safaris has been making use of Footsteps in Africa since 2014 to take care for all of our client's safari requirements in Botswana. I cannot speak more highly of them in terms of their professionalism and service delivery. No requirement has ever been an issue, and as a result we have had many happy clients return over the years, bravo Footsteps in Africa!
African Budget Safaris
Liquid Giraffe has supported Footsteps in Africa for many years. Delta Camp is one of the quintessential delta camps, original in style, yet upholding a level of dining and fine wines that are the envy of even the 5 star camps. Oddballs’ Camp and Oddballs' Enclave are perfect for our guests who are on a more stringent budget. Both Oddballs’ and Delta Camp are ideal for families with children of all ages. For us, all budgets for a traditional safari are covered in one portfolio.
Liquid Giraffe
Working with Tara and the team at Footsteps in Africa is a real pleasure as they always put our client’s needs and interests first. The lodge offering in their portfolio is varied and exciting, and we never hesitate to book their products under the knowledge that our guests will be guaranteed an amazing safari experience.
Marketing & Business Development Director (Botswana) – Sense of Africa
I have been working with the team at Footsteps in Africa for over a decade. They are professional, reliable and full of knowledge. The camps and lodges in the Footsteps in Africa circuit are easy to put together into an itinerary that covers the best of a safari in Botswana. Their circuit is unique, even quirky and perfect for someone who wants a true experience of Botswana. They are my absolute go to. 
Lelobu Safaris