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Who We Are

Footsteps in Africa’s Mission Statement

Footsteps in Africa is committed to providing a quality and rewarding, yet affordable, safari experience for our guests, whilst being acutely aware of our impact, and that of our guests, on the environment. Further, we recognise that as a company trading predominantly in Botswana, we have a socio-economic responsibility towards the people of Botswana.

Each Footsteps in Africa lodge, and each guest, produces a carbon footprint. Part of the solution is admitting our carbon impact; the second stage is actually doing something about it, by a process of planned systematic reductions, and finally offsetting the carbon output we cannot eliminate. Footsteps in Africa is striving to make a difference to the environment and also the people of Botswana.

What sets us apart

All of our camps and lodges have owner-input offering a personal touch from people that are passionate about what they do. The products that we represent in sales, marketing and reservations are all small and intimate offering personal and specialised service.
The Footsteps in Africa camps and lodges form an excellent circuit of lodges which are packaged to create the ultimate Botswana experience.

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Why use Footsteps in Africa?


We represent a collection of camps and lodges that are privately owned and operated and offer thoughtfully crafted experiences in five distinct regions of Botswana.


Footsteps in Africa offer safaris of good value.  


The complimentary collection of camps and lodges is connected by Delta Air, our dedicated air charter company. This allows us to care for your guests throughout their entire visit to Botswana.


We have a philosophy of “one” easy step for everything you need to accomplish. We have one rates manual, one easy to access reservations system that allows you to check availability any time of day or night, and one payment 30 days before travel.


With a team that has decades of experience in many different areas of the safari trade we can offer expert knowledge, regional expertise and personalized service.


Our sales and marketing is centralised under the Footsteps in Africa banner. Detailed sales and marketing collateral is available in digital format and ranges from our Fast Facts and e-brochures to full presentations.


We encourage educational visits as we know that the best way to sell a property is to experience it yourself. Contact us for your visit.

Footsteps in Africa is a trade-only company and our services are aimed strictly at the tourism trade. If travellers would like to book Footsteps in Africa camps, lodges and services, we will be delighted to recommend a specialist tour operator to assist in the planning of your Botswana safari.

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